If you’re hosting this year, we’ve got the winning game plan for an incredible game day menu with no stress. No need to get overwhelmed! Here are our favorite tips and tricks (plus recipes!) to wow your friends on game day. So put down the store-bought chips and dip, follow these great hosting tips, and step up your party game with a touchdown-worthy celebration highlighting incredible Mediterranean flavors!


Pre-Game by prepping your food in advance

Make life easy on yourself – prep before the game so you can be present during the festivities! We’ve done the work for you and picked easy recipes you can prep ahead of time. Additional hack: do future-you a favor and purchase paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups in team colors. You’ll save yourself the last-minute scramble to find clean dishes, as well as the post-party cleanup.


Skip playing bartender, no time outs needed

Take the cocktail recipe that you want to make and multiply it by two times the number of guests you plan to have. Then, just place it in a large pitcher or punch bowl. This guarantees that all your guests will have cocktails at the ready and saves you from bartending all day! Be sure to have plenty of beer and soft drinks on ice ahead of time, and 1 or 2 bottles of wine on hand, as well.


It’s Game Time-Focus on the TV and seating

Everyone is there to watch the game (and the commercials!) so make sure the TV is where everyone can see it. Then center the rest of the action around the screen. Place all your food and drink by the TV and invest in some folding chairs so everyone has a place to sit and watch the action. You don’t want to miss that game-winning touchdown because you just HAD to get another chicken wing from the kitchen. (Although we wouldn’t blame you!)


Show your fandom and embrace those rivalries!

While game-day may fall on a Sunday, there’s no need to wear your Sunday best! Decorate your home with the colors of your favorite team and encourage your guests to wear their favorite team apparel, especially if your team isn’t even playing in the game. Think of this as a sports costume party! You want to win! Part of the fun of having a game-day party is to embrace your fandom and unabashedly root for your team to win! Not everyone may agree, but that’s part of the fun!


Tailgate at Home

And last but certainly not least, is the food itself! We’ve gathered our tried-and-true favorites that pair perfectly with a game-day celebration. Whether you pick a few or make them all, they’re guaranteed to become fan favorites for years to come!

Notes from the author

Happy cooking!

Chef Andrew