We’re a family-owned company 85 years in the making and we're on a mission - to bring a little happiness to everyday life through handed-down recipes & unforgettable flavors.

What do you do when you're 5,000 miles from home and desperately missing the comfort food you grew up on? For Giuseppe Mezzetta, the answer was obvious - import it to America yourself. In 1935, he did just that, opening a storefront in San Francisco's North Beach and introducing the staples of his childhood to the local community. We've come a long way since those days, but our unwavering commitment to family recipes, world-class ingredients, and unforgettable flavor remains the same, and we aren’t satisfied until we get it right. At our family-owned company, everyone is an honorary Mezzetta—from the farmers to the team on the factory floor, from the sales team who keep the shelves stocked to our loyal fans who seek a bit of adventure in every meal. That’s how it’s always been at Mezzetta®, and that’s how it always will be.

Every jar has a journey

It starts in the farms

We travel all across the globe in search of the finest possible ingredients, developing long-term relationships with local farmers. The result? The best possible products for our customers.

Next step - perfecting the product

Once our ingredients enter our factory, the real work begins. In both our test kitchens and production lines, we work tirelessly to ensure Mezzetta products are of the highest possible quality.

The seal of approval

The name Mezzetta on the jar is a promise that you're taking home the best ingredients on the planet. We check our products for quality before, during and after they've left the factory floor.

At last, a seat at the table

Ultimately, the key ingredient to a joy-filled meal is family & friends. Our products should be enjoyed the same way we've always made them - with love.

Four generations in the making

For over 85 years, we've brought delicious and unique foods from across the world to the American table. A lot has changed over that time, but President Jeff Mezzetta's commitment to quality and innovation is just as great as his great-grandfather Giuseppe's.


At Mezzetta we select the finest ingredients the world has to offer, and craft high quality products to inspire more people to add a little more happiness in their life through food. Because when you share your food, you're sharing a part of who you are.


To inspire more people to add a little happiness to everyday life through food because when people share their food, they share a part of who they are.

Our Core Ingredients
for success

Crunchy Crunchy

We are hungry for excellence.


We build authentic relationships that foster trust and open communications.

Own It

We think and act as an owner - with appetite, initiative and responsibility.


We come to work eager and passionate about fulfilling our vision. When we share our work, we share a part of who we are.

Celebrating our journey

Early 1900

Early 1900’s:
Starting from scratch

Giuseppe Luigi Mezzetta immigrates to America from Italy to start a new life. He brings his wife, Columba, to San Francisco, where their son, Daniel, is born in 1918.

Mom & Pop years

Giuseppe and Daniel open a small storefront in San Francisco’s Italian North Beach district, importing peppers, olives and other staples of the Mediterranean table.

A brand is born

Daniel’s son Ron becomes General Manager. He decides to package their olives and peppers under the Mezzetta name, and the brand is born. Ron coins the phrase: "Don't Forgetta Mezzetta."

Full Speed Ahead

Ron drives innovation at Mezzetta, expanding our product offerings with the introduction of Sliced Tamed Jalapeños and Garlic Stuffed Olives. More products requires more space—we move into our brand new facility in American Canyon, CA in 1996.

Early 2000’s:
First to Market

Ron appoints his son Jeff as President, and Mezzetta achieves massive growth in sales under Jeff's leadership. We become the first company to bring Castelvetrano Style Olives to the US in 2009. And in an homage to Nonna, the woman who instilled in him her unmatched love for quality food, Jeff launches the Mezzetta Pasta Sauce line to share our family recipes with the world.

Present day:
The more things change

Today, with Jeff at the helm, Mezzetta has expanded distribution nationally to 32,000 stores. We've come a long way since our original storefront in North Beach, all while maintaining the same family-first culture that's defined us for the last 85 years.