One of our favorite things about the transition from Spring to Summer is that we get more opportunities to cook outside. We can get creative with mealtime by firing up the grill! Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to get you in the mood for summertime grilling: 

  1. Mezzetta makes grilling ‘betta! – When grilling meat, seafood, or vegetables, use a little Mezzetta to add a burst of unexpected flavor! Simply brush the oils and brines from our jars of peppers, olives, and marinated vegetables as a basting and seasoning liquid! Grilled chicken thighs with Golden Greek Peperoncini brine? Yes please! Grilled artichokes brushed with the oil from our Grilled Artichoke Hearts? You bet! And even spicy shrimp skewers brushed with the brine from our Hot Sliced Jalapenos! The possibilities are endless!
  2. Grill your citrus for the best margarita you’ve ever had! – Surprise and wow all your friends by adding halved limes or any of your favorite citrus to the grill before squeezing them! This will make an amazing Margarita, Greyhound, or Paloma with unmatched flavor.
  3. Use an onion to clean and season your grill grates! – This hack has been all over social media lately, and for good reason! Instead of using a wire brush, all you need to do is halve any onion and run it up and down your grill grates once your grill is at the desired temperature. The natural acidity in the onion will cut right through any residual grease and clean your grill.  Plus, this will season your grill grates and add a subtle onion flavor to whatever you cook next.  
  4. Use ice cubes to keep your burgers moist! – Simply make an indentation with your thumb and place an ice cube in the center of your raw burger when you add it to the grill! The ice will slowly melt and leave you with a juicy and succulent burger. You’ll never serve rock hard burger patties again!
  5. Make a DIY topping and condiment bar! – Save your time and energy washing bowls and use a muffin tin instead. Fill the cavities of a muffin tin with your favorite condiments and Mezzetta toppings! Prep everything ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to use. 
  6. Turn your grill into a DIY smoker! – Remember, smoke is an ingredient in grilling just like salt, pepper, or garlic. So add a little smoke to your meal with these tips. All you need are three components: water, aluminum foil, and wood chips. If using a charcoal grill, place your lit charcoal briquets in the grill and then sprinkle pre-soaked wood chips over the lit coals.  As the charcoal heats, the wood chips will smolder and impart the delicious, smoky flavor of real-deal barbecue. If you're using a gas grill, place your pre-soaked wood chips in the middle of a large sheet of aluminum foil, fold it over and seal the edges to create a pocket and poke holes in the top for ventilation. Light the grill underneath the chips and cook on the opposing side to circulate the smoke flavor and infuse whatever you are making with smoky flavor! We love to place a variety of Mezzetta peppers in small tin pans and place them on the grill to infuse the toppings with all that delicious flavor as well.
  7. Use an empty egg carton to light your charcoal grill! – The next time you finish a carton of eggs, DON’T THROW IT OUT! Take that empty egg carton and fill it with charcoal. Place the carton in your charcoal grill and light the entire carton! This method is a foolproof way to get your fire going without the unwanted taste and smell of lighter fluid. Simply add more coals on top and you are ready to get grilling!
  8. Create grill marks like a professional chef! – And lastly, make photo worthy grill marks by placing your protein so it points to 10:00, and sear until perfectly charred lines form. Make sure you don’t lift the protein too early or you’ll create unwanted lines. Then, on the same side, rotate your meat so that it points to 2:00. Flip and repeat the process on the remaining side and you’ll have friends wondering if you’ve been a professional chef all this time!

Now that you have a few tips and tricks to make grilling season a lot more exciting this year, pair this newfound knowledge with some amazing Mezzetta recipes below for the ultimate summer BBQ experience! 

Happy cooking! 

Chef Andrew