What is Sensitive Marinara?  

Our new Sensitive Marinara Sauce is the same Mezzetta Marinara Sauce you know and love but designed to remove common digestive triggers. This sauce is free of some of the most common digestive perpetrators - onions, garlic, dairy, and lactose.  

Just because it is crafted for special diets, does not mean it is lacking any flavor. We bring the same slow simmered flavor and passion to this sauce. Nonna would be proud. 

We source our tomatoes from Italy’s San Marzano Region, an area known to provide the most flavorful tomatoes in the world. We combine Italian Plum Tomatoes with plum tomatoes from California for a complex flavor profile, and to represent our Italian roots that have continued to honor California. Our combination of spices does not include garlic or onion, but you won’t miss them for a second.


Why did we introduce Sensitive Marinara? 

We want everyone to be able to enjoy classic Italian flavors, regardless of diets and restrictions. Everyone is welcome at our table, and we want to make them feel included. Whether you dislike garlic or are lactose intolerant, you deserve flavorful food to keep you nourished and make you smile.  


How to use Sensitive Marinara 

  • Use it in your favorite pasta dishes to add classic Italian flavor without any worries. Add it to your favorite lasagna recipe or pour it on top of chicken breast.
  • Use it as a soup base. Create rich tomato soup or minestrone using this sauce as a soup base. It’s already seasoned to perfection, making it one less thing you have to do.  
  • Brasie meats. Create your new favorite dish by braising short ribs or brisket in this marinara for a warm and worry-free dinner. 


Substitute Sensitive Marinara in the recipes below to create delicious dishes while feeling great.

Bucatini All'Amatriciana

A plate of spaghetti with sauce and a fork

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Mezzetta® Bloody Mary


Roasted Garlic Turkey Chili