During a traditional Italian meal, antipasto is served as the first course and is meant to “whet the appetite.” This rustic version of an antipasto platter is not only the best way to start off a dinner, but also beautiful to look at! Get creative, mix, and match ingredients and you are sure to wow all your dinner guests, friends, and family. The secret to this board is our Napa Valley Bistro Italian Antipasto Olives. Delicious olives, peppers, herbs, and garlic marinated in buttery chardonnay will transport you to the rolling hills of the Napa Valley! 


Makes 6 servings 1x 2x 4x


  1. Assembly for this platter is simple! Add the Mezzetta® Napa Valley Bistro Italian Antipasto Olives to a small bowl and place in the top corner of a circular wooden board.
  2. From there, add the remaining ingredients around the board in a decorative fashion. These ingredients are just suggestions; however, this combination makes for the perfect, rustic antipasto board!
  3. A fun decorative trick, take a few pieces of Coppa and wrap them around the Italian breadsticks when serving.
  4. Scatter picked leaves of fresh oregano or fresh rosemary before serving!
  5. Enjoy!