Fall colors and cooler weather are here. And with that, it’s time to switch up your dinner options for hearty, cozy and bold fall flavors. We’ve put together a list of recipes for the week that come together simply, so you can stop asking the tiresome what’s for dinner? question, and simply enjoy the evening. These cozy recipes will have you looking forward to dinnertime!




1.  Bolognese with Pappardelle Pasta

Kick off the week with our super simple and flavorful Bolognese using our Artisan Ingredients® Italian Plum Tomato Marinara! Traditionally, this meat-based sauce simmers on the stove for hours to develop maximum flavor, but thanks to our incredible Mezzetta® pasta sauces, you can now get rich, delicious slow-cooked flavors in about 45 minutes.


Spicy Eggplant Roll-ups

2. Spicy Eggplant Roll-ups

Perfect for a “middle of the week” meal, these vegetarian eggplant roll-ups feel extra-special but are well worth the extra effort. Savory and delicious, this dish is sure to become a favorite of vegetarians and meat eaters alike and will make you feel nice and cozy on a brisk fall evening.


Tuscan Ribollita

3. Tuscan Ribollita

Ribollita is a classic, centuries-old Tuscan soup that is made with hearty vegetables and beans and thickened with stale crusty bread. This satisfying vegetarian soup is perfect for cold nights, but so delicious that you may want to eat it year-round. Ribollita, which translates to “re-boiled,” is a great way to use up any extra vegetables in your refrigerator as well as well as any stale bread you never got around to eating. We recommend using a nice loaf of crusty sourdough or Italian bread.


Artichoke and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

4. Artichoke and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

This rich and savory dish is a perfect vegetarian meal that the whole family will enjoy. Jumbo pasta shells are stuffed with creamy ricotta, marinated artichoke hearts and a blend of cheeses. Mixed with basil pesto and topped with our Artisan Ingredients® pasta sauce, these shells can be quickly prepped in about 15 minutes, and then popped into the oven.


Tuscan Farmhouse Chicken

5. Tuscan Farmhouse Chicken

Let’s end the week with something special! Sweet, savory and full of flavor, this recipe is packed with tons of garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, oregano, dried fruits and olives. You’ll start the marinade the night before, then it’s an easy roast in the oven the day-of. Your friends and family will love this bold, delicious dish after a long week.

Notes from the author

We’d love to see what meals you’re making with our products this fall. Please tag us @Mezzetta on our social channels to share your favorite creations with us. We’re continually creating new recipes in our test kitchen, and the recipes you enjoy with your family are our greatest inspiration!

Happy Cooking!

Chef Andrew