Festive Appetizer Board

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  • your favorite Mezzetta® olives, peppers and vegetables
  • your favorite cheeses
  • all types of cured meats (like prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, etc.) 
  • fresh fruits
  • fresh herbs for garnish
  • raw or spiced nuts
  • your favorite crackers or bread


We love the creative fun and delicious flavors that come with putting together a festive appetizer board for the holidays. When choosing ingredients, choose your favorites — and make your board for vegetarians, vegans or omnivores — however you like.

• Plan for 2 oz of meat and cheese per guest, plus 4 oz of olives and pickles

• Go for a combination of rich tastes like cheeses and meats and bright and tangy flavors such as marinated vegetables, peppers and olives

• Put juicier items in decorative bowls — sprinkle with dried herbs or red pepper if you like

• Don’t forget seasonal fruit and vegetables, and garnish with fresh herbs

• Try skewering meat, cheese peppers or olives for a decorative touch

• Be careful not to crowd and consider using decorative toothpicks for guests to serve themselves with

• Small dishes with olive oil or honey allow guests to all even more flavor to their selections

• Serve with your favorite crackers or bread