Highlighting the vibrant essence of Calabrian Chilis, renowned for their fruity yet fiery profile, this versatile kitchen essential delivers a tantalizing blend of savory warmth and intricate umami notes. Perfect for enhancing the flavor profile of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and beyond, this pantry must-have promises an irresistible burst of taste in every dish. Crafted with utmost care using premium ingredients, including top-tier Extra Virgin Olive Oil and authentic Calabrian Chilis sourced directly from Italy, it embodies the essence of Southern Italian cuisine, elevating every bite to a delectable experience.

Calabrian Pepper Sauce


Here at Mezzetta, we travel the world to source the best ingredients possible and discover new items to share with our friends and family. In Italy’s Calabria region, restaurants and home chefs provide guests with a Calabrian pepper condiment at each table for drizzling on dishes, elevating flavors and providing a kick of heat. This was our inspiration to create a deliciously fruity, fiery and savory condiment of our own.


How to Use

Unleash the authentic flavor of Southern Italy with our new Calabrian Pepper Sauce. Use it as a concentrated meal base for hearty stews and classic pasta dishes or add a craveworthy burst of savory heat and complex umami flavors to pizza, sandwiches, vegetables and so much more!

On Sandwiches...

Man adding Calabrian Pepper Sauce on a sandwich

Take your sandwiches up a notch – in flavor and heat – by drizzling Calabrian Pepper Sauce on top. This new sauce makes the perfect sandwich spread and will brighten up your lunch. With each mouthful, you'll experience a symphony of flavors – from the initial burst of spice that leaves you craving more.


On Pizzas...

Man adding Calabrian Pepper Sauce to a pizza

Picture this: a piping hot slice of pizza, topped with gooey melted cheese and your choice of savory toppings, all crowned with a generous drizzle of our Calabrian Pepper Sauce. From classic pepperoni to gourmet combinations, this sauce pairs perfectly with any pizza style, elevating each slice into a culinary masterpiece. Prepare for a flavor adventure like no other – one slice at a time.


On Salads and Stir-fries...

A person with a forkful of broccolini covered in Calabrian Pepper Sauce

From simple salads to hearty stir-fries, this versatile sauce adds depth and excitement to every dish, transforming even the most humble veggies into culinary delights. Take your vegetable dishes to new heights and experience a taste sensation like never before.


On Pasta, Soups, and Stews...

A bowl of shrimp pasta made with Calabrian Pepper Sauce

Whether enriching a simmering pot of soup or coating perfectly cooked pasta, it transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary masterpieces. Versatile and easy to use, it adds depth and excitement to meals, promising a symphony of flavors with every spoonful.