Build Your Own Antipasto Platter

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  • Sliced meat: Pick a variety of cured meats such as prosciutto, salami, and bresaola.
  • Cheese: Choose a variety of cheeses- a hard cheese, soft cheese, and stinky cheese will give your guests nice options.  Try Manchego, Brie, and Blue Cheese, fresh Mozzarella or Burrata  - the more cheeses the merrier!  Also, get cow, goat and sheep varieties in a selection of different shapes and colors. Your cheese monger will be a great source to help with your cheese selection.
  • Mezzetta: Pour your favorite blend of Mezzetta Appetizer Olives into a bowl.
  • Fresh Fruit:  A variety of fresh fruit such as a bunch of grapes, slices of cantaloupe, halved fresh figs, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Add sliced baguette and assorted crackers


Pull cheeses from the refrigerator about one hour prior to guests arriving. Place all the antipasti items on a large platter.  Set out serving utensils, toothpicks, and cheese knives for the guests to serve themselves.  And of course, wine is a great accompaniment to any antipasti platter also!

Enjoy with friends and family.