Olive, Parmesan & Garlic Everything Spread

Our blend of savory green olives and fruity black kalamatas is more than a tasty tapenade. Fresh…

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    Everything Easy

    Say goodbye to prep work. Mezzetta Everything Spread is a delicious line of freshly blended flavors to elevate every meal in minutes.


    Spring Greens

    Part greens, part grains, completely delicious. Your new favorite salad is served.


    Tickled Green

    Castelvetrano. Hard to pronounce. Delicious to eat. After one bite of this naturally bright & buttery variety, you’ll understand why green is the new black.

Quick Tip
quick tip

Deepen the flavor of your favorite Mezzetta Olives by roasting them in the oven before serving. For color, sprinkle in a bit of orange zest and serve warm!

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