Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Olives (also spelled Calamata and often referred to simply as “Greek olives”) are grown…

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    Everyone, Meet Everything.

    Everything Spread is a delicious line of freshly blended flavors to elevate every meal in minutes. Mix it, toss it, blend it, stir it, spread it, or top it!


    Leave No Turkey Behind.

    Kick that leftover sandwich up a notch - Thanksgiving Turkey Salad Sandwich.


    Holiday Tip #100

    Create a plentiful Holiday antipasto platter using Olives, our Marinated Artichoke Hearts & assorted meats & cheeses.

Quick Tip
quick tip

Add a dollop of your favorite Mezzetta Everything Spread to hummus for a great appetizer.  Serve with crusty bread or pita chips. 

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